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Understanding Your Regulated Natural Gas Bill

Direct Energy Regulated Services purchases Natural Gas on your behalf and supplies it to you at the approved Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) rate. As of June 2004, Direct Energy Regulated Services bills you for the amount of Natural Gas you use instead of ATCO Gas billing you.

Your Natural Gas bill includes a variety of information, definitions and various charges – we want to help you make better sense of it all. Make sense of your bill with our interactive energy bills, or review the following definitions should you have a specific question.

Administration Fee (Fixed/Variable) – This fee covers the costs related to billing you for Natural Gas and providing customer service.

Carbon Levy The Carbon Levy is not a levy set by Direct Energy Regulated Services.

As part of the Government of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they are introducing a levy on the price of all fuels that emit greenhouse gases when combusted. This includes natural gas. The levy will be applied beginning January 1, 2017.

Conversion Factor - The volume used between meter readings is measured in units of thousands of cubic feet (MCF). This volume is then multiplied by a conversion factor that takes into account the energy content, the pressure at which the gas is delivered, and the conversion from imperial units to metric. The result is the energy consumption that appears on your bill.

Cost of Gas – This is what DERS charges for buying the natural gas that is supplied to you during the billing period.

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Delivery Charge (Fixed/Variable) – All operating costs and revenue for ATCO Gas are recovered through the delivery charges. The fixed charge is a flat daily charge to recover a portion of the total delivery charges. The variable charge covers the remainder of the total delivery charges. The variable charge is based on natural gas consumption for the billing period.

Direct Energy Regulated Services Estimated Delivery Charge – In the absence of actual delivery charges for the billing period, these charges are estimated.

Energy Used (GJ) – The energy used represents the gigajoules you consumed in the billing period. This can either be an actual or an estimate.

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From and To Reads - The “From” and “To” reads are your last actual meter readings.

Meter Number - This is the number attached to the meter installed on your premise.

Municipal Franchise Fee – This fee is set by your municipality as a charge for Natural Gas facilities on municipal property. ATCO Gas remits this amount to your local municipality.

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Production Rider – Each customer’s share of the monthly financial gain or loss achieved through production facilities owned by ATCO Gas South.

Rate Rider(s) - This item reflects temporary changes to your bill approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. It may be a credit or a debit.

Storage Rider – Each customer’s share of the monthly financial gain or loss achieved through the use of storage facilities owned by ATCO Gas South.

Understand how your bill is calculated.

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