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Our Current Regulated Rate Tariff (RRT)

Rate Description Administration Charges
Fixed ($/Day) Cost of Energy ($/kWh)
E1 Residential Service 0.352 0.04199
E2 Small General Service 0.387 0.04214
E3 Large General Service 0.698 0.04123
E4 Oilfield Service 0.320 0.04095
E5 Farm and REA Farm Service 0.371 0.04213
E6 Lighting Service 0.156 0.02925
E7 Irrigation and REA Irrigation Pumping Service 0.392 0.04059

RRT Monthly Energy Rate

RRT Rate Schedules for Electricity RRT Service

RRT REA Schedules for Electricity RRT Service

RRT Rider P

REA Rider P

DERS RRT Terms and Conditions

DERS REA Terms and Conditions

DEB Terms and Conditions

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The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) reviews the regulated rate for Electricity. For more information, visit the AUC Website.

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