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Calculating your bill.

Your bill will be based on one of the three scenarios described below. Your Electricity bill could come to you as an Actual, an Estimated or a Corrected bill. These are all the possible billing options, however, you'll only receive one of them in a monthly period. We want to ensure that you only ever pay for the energy you consume.

Following are examples of these bills. Click on the examples you would like to learn more about.

Example 1: Actual

Your bill is based on actual consumption whenever meter readings are available that coincide with the "FROM" and "TO" date of your billing period. See example.

Example 2: Estimated

Your bill is based on estimated consumption when a meter reading is not available for any part of your billing period. See example.

Example 3: Corrected

If your previous meter reading was estimated and the actual meter reading is lower than the previous estimate, you will see a full cancellation of the previously estimated charges on your bill.

See example.