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Direct Energy Regulated Services Supports Fort McMurray

We're here to help Albertans affected by the Fort McMurray disaster.

Direct Energy Regulatory Services has an unwavering commitment to Alberta, and stands by the residents of Fort McMurray and area as you rebuild from this devastating event.

We know that as regular billing cycles have resumed, you may have important questions about your invoice. Let us answer them for you here.

Fort McMurray Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there charges on my bill from the evacuation period? I thought that services had been cut-off?

As ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric worked to re-energize Fort McMurray and ensure services were available for first responders, utility service was restored. So while you were not in your home, there was service.

However, the commitment that Direct Energy Regulated Services made on May 4, 2016 was that customers would not be billed for any charges during the evacuation and that commitment has been honoured. There is a credit for all of the retail and distribution charges on your bill from May 4 to June 3.

I just received my first bill since the evacuation and it is considerably higher? Why?

The process to apply the credits from the evacuation period, including individual calculations and quality assurance, did take additional time. The bill that you received includes any charges from April 2016 to May 4th and June 3rd onwards. We are happy to discuss payment options, should you need them.

Please contact us at:

  • Direct Energy Regulated Services customers: 1-866-420-3174
  • My house burned down. Why did I receive a bill?

    We are so sorry for your loss. The bill that you received would include charges from your last April bill to May 4. Direct Energy Regulated Services is happy to discuss the invoice with you and ensure that billing is correct and discuss payment options, if required.

    Direct Energy Regulated Services is aware of a few cases of customers who lost their homes but did receive bills for periods post-June 3, based on estimates from ATCO Gas. This is an error and we will make things right for you.

    Please contact us at:

    • Direct Energy Regulated Services customers: 1-866-420-3174
    • I am on a Budget Payment Plan (BPP). How does the multi-month invoice affect my payments?

      There are a two options for you to consider:

      • Pay all charges accrued since your last payment so you can maintain your BPP monthly amount at its current level;
      • or
      • End your BPP plan, create a deferred payment plan for this balance, and come back to BPP once the account is current again

      Please call us to discuss at:

      • Direct Energy Regulated Services customers: 1-866-420-3174
      • Under the Distribution Charges, why is there an Adjustment and a Credit for the evacuation period? Don't they cancel each other out?

        The adjustment reflects the distributor credit for the evacuation period and includes GST. The GST should not have been included by distributors in this calculation, and the actual credit is reflected below. Unfortunately, our billing system did not allow us to easily remove the Adjustment and we apologize for the confusion that this may cause.

        How is Direct Energy Regulated Services supporting customers in Fort McMurray and RMWB?

        Direct Energy Regulated Services suspended billing during the evacuation and late payment charges for existing invoices were not incurred. In addition, Direct Energy Regulated Services was proud to have donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support initial relief efforts. We continue to work with customers to ensure that services and billing, including payment arrangements, are available.

        I don't live in Fort McMurray, but my job has been affected by the wildfires. What can I do?

        Direct Energy Regulated Services is happy to assist you with payment arrangements as needed. Please contact us at:

        • Direct Energy Regulated Services customers: 1-866-420-3174